Talking Skritt Episode 221

On this week’s episode of Talking Skritt: we talk about the balance patch, the new ArenaNet contest in partner with Alienware Arena, no down state week, and much more!

Big thanks to our special guest host: Kit the Traveler! You can find him on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and Website!

Join us live every Saturday at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT or the highlighted episode over on Twitch. The show can also be found on our YouTube! Want just the audio? Download it here or listen using the player below!

2 thoughts on “Talking Skritt Episode 221

  1. Your chat doesn’t know what they’re talking about because the volume levels are still bad. The host volume was about 33% lower than the two guests


    1. Hi there! Yea unfortunately the audio was not up to standard, I do apologize for this. I’ll be separating the mic tracks so that the volumes can be balanced accordingly in post edit. Also, you asked about, in an earlier episode, for an RSS feed for the audio (sorry for not answering this, I thought I did). We’re currently looking into options for a lot of various tools for future expansion of the brand and RSS feed is definitely on that list. We do get a comment about it every now and then.

      Thank you for the feedback!


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